Updated Ecocapsule tiny house drops the price, keeps the egg shape

First unveiled back in 2015, and finally completed in 2018, the Ecocapsule is an egg-shaped off-grid tiny house. For those who like its novel styling but would prefer something more affordable, there’s now a cheaper version available that comes without some of the bells and whistles. | Care of https://newatlas.com/tiny-houses/ecocapsule-space-launch/

vanspace 3D van design software

It is not easy to turn a van into a home, you have to eat, sleep, relax, work and live all in the same tiny space. Planning and designing a van conversion that allows for all this is no easy task. | Care of https://www.vanspace3d.co/

Going Off Grid with Your Caravan

Does Caravan’s DIY guru, Rod Farrendon, have what it takes to survive without hook-up? An apprehensive Mrs F certainly hopes so. | Care of https://www.outandaboutlive.co.uk/caravans/articles/practical-advice/going-off-grid-with-your-caravan

A labour of love: inside Abu Dhabi’s Dh80,000 tiny house

When Dirk Delport and his wife Emma settled down to watch a new show on Netflix last summer, little did they know the impact it would have on their lives. Tuning in to Tiny House Nation, the couple watched co-hosts John Weisbarth and Zack Giffin travel across America exploring seriously small homes. | Care of […]

Compact tiny house has space for a sleepover

One of the many challenges of downsizing to a tiny house is that there’s often nowhere for guests to stay, and the situation is even trickier in France where the tiny houses are usually smaller than in the US. | Care of https://newatlas.com/tiny-houses/baluchon-mogote-towable-home/

The Long Story

It’s not often that people in their late 30’s can say that their journey together started so long ago, but for us, it started in 1996. Having moved into together at 17, we quickly developed a pattern of moving home every 6 months. At the time, we didn’t change our jobs every time we picked […]